Brimar Sectional GRP Water Storage Tanks

The Brimar sectional tank system consists of a number of different panel profiles, which are specifically designed for the various duties. Side Panels, available 2m, 1.5m and 1m deep.

The two larger panels, 2 x 1m and 1.5 x 1m form the top end of the range and are targeted at deeper tanks to reduce the number of costly flange joints, minimize the number of components, reduce installation time and enhance the general appearance of the tank assembly.

All internal components are of stainless steel construction. External vertical support posts and brackets are of high quality galvanized mild steel.

Brimar sectional tanks are designed to facilitate easy connection of pipe work. Best results are achieved when provision is made at the factory prior to despatch. Tanks can be supplied in a pre-insulated form using CFC and HCFC free foam insulation. A comprehensive range of tank fittings is available.


Three basic Sectional Tank types are available:

Totally Internally Flanged - TIF

Externally Flanged Base - EFB

Internally Flanged Base - IFB


For comparative descriptions of each type of tank view this page



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