TIF Tanks

The Brimar TIF range is the most versatile sectional tank system on the market and has been specifically designed to suit applications where maximum water capacity is required, but where physical space is either limited or an unaffordable luxury. The Brimar TIF system is the ideal solution to your confined plant room refurbishment.

A conventional externally flanged sectional tank (IFB or EFB) requires a minimum clearance of 500mm around the sides for installation and future maintenance. However, with its unique internal flange system a Brimar TIF can be installed within 25mm of a wall giving you the opportunity to maximise the use of floor space available whilst maintaining the desired water storage capacity.

Imagine being able to replace an existing galvanised sectional tank without having to remove it thereby saving costly strip out, base works and disposal costs. This is possible with a Brimar TIF as the panel increments available make it possible to install the system as a virtual liner in almost any application.

Rain harvesting has been an ideal solution to the ever increasing usage cost of water and our impact on the environment. On new building developments this environmentally friendly approach is now standard practice, but to retro fit such a design in to an existing building can be problematic. The fundamental purpose of a rain harvesting system is the storage of said water, and the single largest problem is the availability of space to store a tank. This problem can be solved with the Brimar TIF, with 50mm incremental heights up to 3m deep and with our range of side panels we can put a tank where others simply cannot.

TIF Tank
TIF Tank
TIF Tank Diagram
  Design the tank to fit the available space

A basic Brimar TIF tank will comprise of 4 no 500mm x 500mm corner sections, further side panels can then be selected from our extensive range of sizes giving you the flexibility to design your tank around the available space.

TIF Installation 1 TIF Installation 2
Side Panel Range
Panel Height
Cornr Panels
Any height up to 3m.
Starting with a 1m x 1m footprint utilise the extensive range of side panels to achieve the capacity you require.


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